Stay up to date on the best and most recent medical care and most advanced practices through our accreditation courses and comprehensive programs. We offer certification programs for individuals in the medical field and continued education training programs that are built with you in mind. We have created them specifically with healthcare workers like you, so each program thoughtfully delivers the skills and knowledge you need effectively. Our easy-to-use, online platform lets you earn your certification in a short timeframe, or you can take your time when needed.

With knowledge and progress happening to medical science annually, it's a challenge to stay current on evolving practices. We are proud to provide you with easily accessible materials that aid you in your recertification process.

We've joined of a bigger movement to increase the care for patients through innovative online training. We are proud to be associated with the CareerCert family, a Carrus company and we strive to preserve our company values of quality, convenience and service, making the best contribution to the overall health and safety of everyone.

With 24/7 access to course materials and unlimited practice tests, you can complete your certification where and when you want. We also eliminate the stress of remembering to recertify by providing you with email and text reminders to ensure you don't miss a deadline.

Our emergency certification courses are accredited by the ADA, AMA, and ANCC in joint providership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM). Our courses are also accredited by CAPCE for emergency medical professionals. These accreditations allow you to earn up to eight hours of CEU/CME credit. Get started today!

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