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Early education is quite important for all children. According to a study by The Perry Preschool Project, preschool graduates commit less crimes, are more likely to graduate high school, and hold higher-paying jobs in the future. There are lots of advantages to pre-K education, including learning new skills and social interaction. The real decision that parents need to make is which preschool they should choose.

Families in bigger cities have many options to choose from. Some are part of the public school system, while others are charter schools with unique curriculum. Choosing the best pre-K school can be a rough decision for any parent. Let us help you with these three effective tips:

Ask Around

Do you have friends or family who have passed through this process already? If so, talk to them. These people will have valuable insight into the program that they used (and maybe those that they didn't. A few casual conversations can provide you with a few names of preschools that you can focus on.

Rating Websites

Many websites exist that review local preschools and other schools. Reading these websites will give you an indication of your available choices. You don't need to choose the pre-K school with top ranking immediately, but these sites will help make your choice easier.


After you have finally cut your list down to a few choices, tour your preferred preschools. This will give you the chance to meet with the teachers, ask questions, look at classrooms, and see if it meets your criteria. Call ahead and find out when these preschools welcome visitors.

Following these basic steps will hopefully lead you to finding the best preschool for your child to receive their early education.

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