Are you sick of climbing up that old ladder to install your exterior holiday lighting multiple times a year? What about all those different lighting systems for every major holiday taking up your valuable storage space? Adorning the outside of your house is a wonderful tradition practiced all over the nation, but few look forward to the work and hassle of putting them up just to take them down a few weeks later. Exterior holiday lighting that stays up year-round is the all-in-one-solution more homeowners are wising up to.

Year-round exterior holiday lighting is what it sounds like, but it involves many more features and benefits when professionally installed than the average homeowner could assemble on their own. The technology behind some of today's most advanced permanent holiday lighting is available with app integration, remote operation, waterproofing, UV protection, and a massive variety of colors and patterns for any holiday or occasion. Professionally-installed permanent exterior holiday lighting can also be used on any day as ambient lighting during nighttime cookouts and parties or just to provide your home with a personalized aesthetic that stands out from others in the neighborhood.

Should you do it cheaper by simply putting up your Christmas lights this year and conveniently leaving them there for eternity? Of course not, because another great feature of high-quality permanent exterior holiday lighting is they won't look weird the rest of the year. The build of a high-grade permanent exterior lighting system, along how a professional contractor installs it, provides discretion and tastefulness. If you're ready to stop working so hard over the holidays and enjoy some extra freedom and storage room for a change, contact Lighting Services Woodlands TX for the best permanent exterior holiday lighting system and installation money can buy.


Permanent Exterior Holiday Lighting Will Put You In A Merry Spirit All Year Long

You spend countless hours over the holidays dragging out those lights from storage and putting them up on the house, only to repeat the process in reverse a short time later. It's a real pain, but you do it dutifully if only to spread some extra cheer throughout the neighborhood and see the smiles on passersby – one-upping Bob next door and that above-ground swimming pool he's always harping on is but a small bonus. Consider how much more joy you'd get from it if you didn't have to risk falling from ladders and overcome the weather. That's what smart festooners are achieving with year-round exterior holiday lighting from Lighting Services Woodlands TX.

Year-round exterior holiday lighting is a lot more technologically and visually attractive than you might think. Anyone can cobble together a a few hundred feet of string lights over their home and conveniently never take them down. But a professional lighting system with equally great installation will look good throughout the year and won't start a war with your local HOA. Mobile app integration allows you to run them from anywhere and choose lighting colors and patterns appropriate for any holiday. X-Mas, All Hallows Eve, Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day – every occasion is covered with one simple lighting system. You even get the option to use them as atmosphere lighting for get togethers, cookouts, or just to provide your home some personality that stands out from others in the neighborhood.

Expert-quality design and installation mean your permanent exterior holiday lighting doesn't look strange hanging from your home year-round. Exterior lighting systems available from Lighting Services Woodlands TX combat corrosion or fading even under heavy rain, sleet, hail, snow, or UV light. Expert technicians install permanent holiday lighting to be barely visible in the day and beautiful when in use during the night. Quit stressing so hard to decorate your home all year long and start enjoying the festivities more with permanent exterior holiday lighting from Lighting Services Woodlands TX.


Is Permanent Exterior Holiday Lighting Worth The Cost?

Practically everybody loves home decor for the holidays, but the associated risks and burdens will put a damper on anyone's festive spirit. Tottering ladders, electricity, and unpredictable weather are the downfall of many people's merriment every season, not to mention the expense and amount of time it takes to put everything up and take it all down every year. Permanent exterior holiday lighting is spreading in acceptance as the new solution for many homeowners, but is it worth the trouble? The answer depends on where they come from and who performs the installation.

There are several great reasons why certain social rules and etiquette exist when it comes to putting up and dismantling holiday decorations. For Christmas lights particularly, it's considered good manners to hang them up anytime following Thanksgiving Day and to remove them no later than January 6th. One of the reasons why is even if the lights are never illuminated outside this month-and-a-half window, standard Christmas lights put up by the average Joe are conspicuous around the perimeter of a house to the point of looking tacky. All standard store-bought holiday lights, in general, are not meant to be exposed to weather elements for a prolonged period and only look worse as they decay and fade beneath the rain and sun. On the other hand, expert-quality permanent exterior holiday lighting is manufactured specifically to resist fading and deterioration plus is professionally installed for discretion except when in use.

Professional-quality exterior holiday lighting is an all-in-one holiday decorating solution. These kinds of lighting systems are usually controlled via a mobile app that allows for several options of colors and light patterns appropriate for any major holiday. This kind of lighting system isn't only for holidays – it can also function as everyday ambient exterior lighting customizable to the user's preference. All of these benefits mean permanent exterior holiday lighting is worth the upfront for people wanting to reduce their risks and time spent putting up and taking down decor several times a year. Anyone wanting the absolute best products and installation should contact the exterior lighting professionals at Lighting Services Woodlands TX.


Permanent Exterior Holiday Lighting Saves Time, Reduces Stress

Hanging those lights up in time for the holidays and then dismantling them before the next door neighbor complains is a stressful ordeal that will dampen anyone's festive spirit. The winter holidays, especially, make it hard to stay cheerful when climbing wobbly ladders in freezing temperatures or digging around in drafty attics, basements, sheds, and storage units. Homeowners will finally be able to save time and eliminate stress this holiday season when choosing expertly-installed permanent exterior holiday lighting from Lighting Services Woodlands TX.

Permanent exterior holiday lighting is the smart solution to wasting less precious time decorating for the holidays and spending more where it really matters – with friends and family. The specialty lighting systems available at Lighting Services Woodlands TX allow for mobile app integration with a a huge variety of colors and patterns to set the appropriate mood for any time of year. Christmas, All Hallows Eve, the Fourth of July, Valentine's Day, and any other holiday that can be represented through light and color can be celebrated with a single, permanent lighting system. Permanent exterior holiday lighting can even be used in between holidays as everyday ambient lighting to brighten up house parties, cookouts, and get-togethers or simply to add a bit of personality that stands out from the other homes on the street.

Lighting Services Woodlands TX offers expert-quality permanent exterior holiday lighting systems that are meant to be outside all year. Our professional-grade permanent exterior holiday lighting withstands corroding in the rain or fading under the sun's ultraviolet rays. Pro installation makes sure equipment pieces are discreet during daylight hours and bold and beautiful at night. Homeowners ready to spend more of their time celebrating the holidays and less time stressing about hanging them up just to take them down days later should inquire about permanent exterior holiday lighting from Lighting Services Woodlands TX.